Settings that impact how JavaScript works on your site.  Note, if you subscribe to the MySLP SaaS, you will  not see a General tab. With the MySLP we  take care of this for you!  The My Store Locator Plus service is a fully-managed application that works with any website or mobile development platform.

UI jQuery Version –

reflects the jQuery version that is currently used with  the Store Locator Plus version  you are using. The SLP jQuery versions are in compliance with the WordPress minimal version requirements.

Force Load JavaScript


This settings forces the Store Locator Plus JavaScript (slp.js) to be loaded when your WordPress Theme header is loaded. This is NOT the way to go.  It is recommended that you turn OFF “Force Load JavaScript” and instead contact your theme author. See Troubleshooting for more information

Turn Off SLP Maps

Check this box if your Theme or another plugin is providing Google Maps and generating warning messages. Warning THIS MAY BREAK THIS PLUGIN.

Allow Address in URL

An address can be pre-loaded via a URL string ?address=my+town. This will disable the location sensor (click on link below for info on location sensor) whenever the address is used in the URL.


Additional settings with Power Add-on


Location Sensor

Security settings

Use Nonces on Directory

[slp_directory] shortcode links. Nonces make it harder to build search engine optimized links but harder for competitors to steal data.