Store Locator Plus for WordPress (WPSLP) and My Store Locator Plus (MySLP) share common features and functionality.  Most of the content on this site will apply to both the WordPress plugins and the MySLP service.    When a feature applies to either WordPress or My Store Locator Plus we will note that in the documentation.

Store Locator Plus for WordPress

The WPSLP product line consists of a base plugin known as Store Locator Plus.   The base plugin provides the basic functionality necessary to add locations and display a map with zip/postal based search features to a WordPress site.

Functionality can be extended on an ad hoc basis by purchasing different add ons that are installed “next to” the base plugin.   The add ons require the base plugin but do not replace or modify the base plugin.  The add ons for WPSLP are:

Power – this plugin focuses on bulk management of locations, SEO content, and directory content.

Experience – this plugin focuses on the user experience and interface modification features.

Premier – this plugin is only available for download for users that have purchased a Premier Subscription.   It contains multiple features not found in other plugins.

My Store Locator Plus

The MySLP service is a cloud based location management tool that allows the Store Locator Plus application to be deployed on any website or mobile app.  The locations, user interface configuration, and functionality is all controlled via a login at the MySLP website.    When you are ready to deploy you get a snippet of code to add to your website or mobile app.   There are multiple level of services that provide additional functionality as well as increased location and map presentation limits.

Advanced – the entry level shares the functionality found in our Store Locator Plus WordPress plugin.  This include basic location management and the ability to set basic features and functi0nality on the locator that is deployed on the site.

Professional – this level of service includes all of the Advanced and Power features (other than the SEO Pages) plus far more control over the user experience and presentation features of the locator.

Enterprise – this includes the most sophisticated features and the highest location and map query limitations.   This includes features such as territory restrictions and cluster markers.