Store Locator Plus is a location services application that provides curated maps and directories of locations for your website and mobile app.   MySLP and WPSLP share many features and interface elements as documented on this site.   What are the differences?

MySLP is a fully managed service.  The locator software resides on our cloud servers.  We take care of keeping the software updated and secure.  You retain full control over the settings that define the user experience.    The locator is deployed on a website or mobile app with a JavaScript code snippet.  Yes, it also works with WordPress without having to install plugins.  For a low monthly fee you have fewer things to worry about.

WPSLP is a do-it-yourself product.   It is a set of “buy and own” WordPress plugins.  It addition to the core features of Store Locator Plus there are a couple of WordPress-specific content-building features like the SEO Pages.   When updates come out for WordPress or Store Locator Plus you need to manage the updates including backups and compatibility checks.   You pay once and own it with no monthly fees but also have a little more work to do to maintain software.

WPSLP’s Premier Subscription — yes, we just said WPSLP is the DYI “buy and own” solution and this is a subscription.    The Premier Subscription includes the Power and Experience buy-and-own plugins.  It includes a bonus Premier plugin that lets you activate extra features while your subscription is active. The annual fee covers the cost of priority email and forum responses as well as live chat via our Slack channel with our development team.

Subscriptions like the optional Premier Subscription for WPSLP or a any of the MySLP plans helps support development so we can continue to add more cool features like map-panning searches and category button bars.

Levels Of Service


You can mix-and-match plugins based on the features you need.

Store Locator Plus provides basic map displays and location list management.   It is a required component. This  is our “Base Level” plugin.

Power provides the “power” features including location imports, location categorization, large list management tools, and SEO pages based on location data. This is often the first add on most people use and thus we consider it our “Level 1” add on.

Experience provides the user experience tools to change the look-and-feel of the locator.   Add interface elements like category selectors, state dropdown and more.    Since some of the “cooler” features require Power such as category selectors we consider this a “Level 2” add on.

Premier subscribers, in addition to real time support,  get the Power and Experience add on as well as the exclusive Premier add on.   This add on is where all the latest bells-and-whistles like cluster map markers or search map when panned end up.   Some features extend the Power or Experience offerings and thus we consider this a “Level 3” add on.


The features are setup in pre-defined service levels and include many of the components noted in the WPSLP section above.   Each level of service has a limit of locations they support.

Advanced is our base level for MySLP.   It provides basic map displays and location list management.   This is best for smaller sites with only basic locator needs.

Power is our “Level 1” service that provides location imports, category support, and other larger list management tools.

Professional is our “Level 2” service that adds interface and other user experience customization tools to our Level 1 services.

Enterprise is our “Level 3” service that adds extra services like territory support, cluster markers, scheduling and remote polling of location data, and map searching.

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