Store Locator Plus  Radius Behavior is set to “always use” in the base plugin or Advance level subscription for SLP SaaS

For additional options you would need Professional level  and /or higher for MySLP/SLP SaaS  or the Experience add-on for the WPSLP plug-in  which allows you to extend the functionality beyond the basic “Always Use” setting.  This setting impacts how the radius selector is employed and how locations are filtered before being displayed to the user.

The map radius is set under the Settings /Search tab and the results (after search) is found under the Settings/Results tab”Initial Search radius”.  The search radius selection options presented to the user in the drop down menu is set under the Settings / Search tab  panel.

Always Use

The default behavior with the standard base plug-in.  When a user enters an address and clicks the find button only locations within the radius selected by the user will be shown.

Do Not Use

An Experience Add On or Professional level option.

Ignore the radius selector.  Always.  The standard configuration of the plugin will hide the selector.   Radius is considered “worldwide”.

Use Only When Address Entered

Can be found if you have the  Experience Add On  or  MYSLP Professional Level Plan or higher option.  Useful when using discrete search selectors such as the State, City, or Country drop down.    If the user selects a state and leaves the address box empty it will show all locations within that state.

Always Use, address entered must be in territory

Premier Add On option.  Requires territories to be enabled.

When this option is selected only locations that are within the radius that the user selected AND that have a territory that covers the user-entered address will be returned.

“Use for locations without a territory” or “Do not use for “territories” features

Premier Add On option.  Requires territories to be enabled.

When this option is selected locations with only be shown if either of these rules apply:

  • Have no territory set and be within the radius the user selects.
  • Have a territory that services the address entered by the user.