A. If you are moving something like a staging/test site to a new site and want to bring everything over intact , the Store Locator Plus author strongly recommends looking into the WordPress backup tool Vault Press, or better ,  Jet Pack.   One of the features included , besides real-time incremental backups of your site with restore points, is the ability to restore the site to an alternate site.

The beauty of this tool is that it will correct all domain name references.  If you are on site test.xyz.com and restore to live.abc.com the tool will change all the site references during the restore.  This tool is extremely useful when moving between live and staging sites.    You do need to make sure that your test/staging site copy has the latest data from the live site, including any new ecommerce system orders, blog posts, forum posts, etc. as it is an “all or none” option.   If you are an uber-geek you can always download the modified-domain zip file, unzip it, edit the data stream to take out things you do not want to obliterate on the restore site (like an ecommerce orders table), re-zip, and restore.

If you don’t need/want to move an entire site, the export locations in the Power add on for WPSLP can help you.  Beware, if you are renaming or changing the domain name or adding https, you may be required to get a new Google API key.

Note: There is a quirk in some data sets that will require you to re-arrange the header row (first row) of the export file.  Before importing your export file back in on your new site make sure you’ve checked that the headers have not shifted, that they have correct field names as things may have changed over time and read about duplicate handling and the column header sl_id.

My Store Locator Plus users do not have to worry about moving their location data or map settings to a new site.   With MySLP you just paste your embed code on the new site and everything comes over intact with almost no effort.