This page /information does not apply to SLP SaaS. This information is provided for the SLP do it yourself plug-in only

WPSLP   Power add-on  uses the built-in file up-loader provided by WordPress Core instead of a custom file import script.   Look in the Media Library in WordPress.  Make sure your install has not disabled the default WordPress media up-loader.

NOTE: As of July 2018,  if you are using the WPSLP “do it yourself” plugin with Power add-on and you have not included the latitude and longitude and require geocoding , make sure you have a Google API account and have checked off the Maps and Geocoding APIs in your library.

What to look for when importing

Do you see the CSV file you just imported? If not then your site has disabled the WordPress media uploader.

If your file IS in the media library but never gets past  the offset “0” setting check to make sure your server  has not disabled the WordPress Cron .

WP CRON can be found under Forms WP environment

Check to see if your server is preventing the wp-cron.php from being triggered.

Check your import file in the media library by clicking on it.  It should show what the file size is and the current offset. The offset is where the background process is shown while importing the file.  If it is shown as “zero” then your WordPress Uploads directory for the media library has been set to non-standard restricted access meaning the background location import process is not allowed to open the file after it was uploaded.

Click on the file to see the file size and meta data

How it works

With SLP /Power 4.9 (or higher) the import function is a 3-part process.

  • Step 1 : This is the ONLY interactive portion with the browser where the file is read from your system and uploaded your WordPress site
  • Step 2:  This is  when a background process, using WordPress Cron, reads the uploaded file and starts importing the locations WITHOUT geocoding them (that is next).
  •  Step 3:  Once the import files are loaded and populated in the location list,  another background WordPress Cron  begins geocoding the locations.

Process improvement

This import approach was created to  prevent the import of locations process stopping before it gets all your locations populated to the database.

The 3 step process was done to allow large file uploads (10,000+ locations) on smaller hosts or even moderate size imports (600+ locations) and on severely under-powered hosts.  If you are regularly importing thousands of  locations , you may want to opt for a faster server or a dedicated server.

The improved functionality of the import process  described above should alleviate most issues found when utilizing under powered servers or shared host servers, thus eliminating  “half-imported” files as a result of  servers  timing out before the job was finished.